Meet Your Rafting Guides

IWE hires only the most experienced whitewater rafting guides available who love making their living off the river because they are simply “TRUE RIVER PEOPLE”.

We have an in house guide-training program that we think is second to none in this industry. We are firm believers in safety kayakers and you will quite often see several of them buzzing around the boats if water levels warrant it. We look for the most qualified guides from across Canada and around the world because quite frankly we want to have the best guiding team in the industry… period.

Get to know your guides:

Elijah Our Senior Trip Leader 9th Season with IWE!
Whitewater River Guide What is your favourite part of the Clearwater?S-bends at 6 ½
Why do you like working at IWE?
The staff!

Best rafting experience? (Besides IWE of course!)
The Grand Canyon, because of the scenery, the hikes and the rapids
Guiding through Sabretooth

Kenneth   Our Hometown Boy!
Kayaking Raft Falls What is your favorite thing about the Clearwater area?The small-town vibes and friendly community.

When did you start paddling?
When I was 19 years old

Something you really like about IWE?
The awesome staff, everyone is friendly!
Rafting the Clearwater

Diego   From Mendoza, Argentina
Your guide Diego! What is the coolest trip you have done? 1 month paddling expedition in Peru

Where is your favourite paddle place? Zambezi River in Zambia, Africa

What are some rivers you have guided on? Mendoza in Argentina, Zambezi in Zambia, Sjoa & Otta in Norway, & Futaleufu in Chilie
Kayak play

Kade    From Kamloops, BC
Coolest river trip?
Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho.

What BC adventure would you recommend?
Canoeing different lakes in Wells Gray Park (Clearwater, Azure, Hobson, Murtle)

What is your favourite thing about Clearwater?
How close it is to Wells Gray Park!

Tyler    From Kamloops, BC
Whitewater Raft Guide Tyler! What BC adventure would you recommend?
Skiing the Columbia Icefields

What has been your coolest river trip? Kayaking the Karnali River in Nepal

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not guiding?
Exploring different areas throughout BC

Sebastian    From Mendoza, Argentina
kayak adventure What has been your coolest river trip? Oppdal River in Norway

What is your favourite thing about the Clearwater river?
The powerful rapids and big volume

What are some of the other rivers you have guided on?
Dora Baltea in Italy, Sjoa in Norway, Zambezi in Zambia